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Dance Classes. We offer Dance Classes in carious styles such as Bollywood, Indian classical, Indian folk and Bollywood fitness classes for kids a...
Posted: 19-Nov-12
Welcome to Srishti Dance Academy, where we provide training in the Tampa Bay Area for various Indian dance forms. Come and see what we have to ...
Posted: 01-May-10
Learn Bollywood dance . Time for you and your Kids to learn some Bollywood Moves. Group or Individual classes; 4 days a month; Days flexible. If ...
Posted: 12-May-09
Opening in Feb 2008, Tarana Dance Academy will be offering classes in Kathak -north Indian Classical dance, and Bollywood dances. Adult classes ...
Posted: 01-Feb-08
Posted: 23-May-07
(813) 977-9166
Posted: 23-May-07
(813) 961-6120
Posted: 23-May-07